We made a new patronage model for art & culture


You are an artist, filmmaker, photographer, musician, writer, designer, stylist ... Your creative work brings cultural value. But you have a hard time living on your art! or maybe you already have notoriety but you are revolted by the fees of galleries and producers. We are committed for you to receive a monthly income. We are committed for you to live from the fruit of your art & passion!


    Your close entourage, art lovers, philanthropic collectors and corporate foundations can contribute directly to your income. Your patrons can choose to contribute a monthly sum of their choice to free your creativity. Submit your project now! Speak upstream, broadcast your creations on social networks, on the web, and find even more patrons!


      You are the exclusive owner of the rights of your creations and your own manager. We help you to personalize, with a high level of requirement, a beautiful showcase of your creativity. We relieve you from the difficult aspect of the fundraising and the management of funds. We can help you boost your monthly fundraise. The use of our website is free and we are transparent about your earnings and our fees.


        Take part in that new model spreading beauty! We imagine, with you, a world where the contribution to the development of art and independent production is voluntary. We help you develop a tool where patrons can willingly support the best of creativity. We want to create with you an incubator of beauty, a new cultural breath.

          THE CONCEPT

          Concerning  the original and independent production, we want to deal the cards again. Our ambition is to nourish all forms of creativity, to disseminate widely and to support materially the enthusiasm of an independent project. We allow creators to have a regular income in order to let their creativity go free. We unload them from the financial aspect of the raising and management of the funds. By massively supporting the original and independent production of art through the partronage of private individuals and companies worldwide, we contribute not only to the renewal of cultural production but also to the creation of new professions of art. Each of us contributes modestly but all together we weight considerably.

          Why Monmecene?

          The premise of the reasoning was “is there a common denominator, reproducible, at the origin of all the remarkable creations that today constitute our cultural heritage?” And if it exists, could we reproduce it, maintain it and boost it? Are the socio-cultural conditions responsible fort that, the environment, the governance initiative, the funding etc… If I visit the Louvre, the Topkapi, the Met or other museums and art galleries and I impregnate myself with a plethora of extraordinary works produced by totally different cultures, can I find a common point in all these creations? The answer is YES! The common point is beauty. The engine of a creator is the ardent desire to assert beauty. If beyond the aesthetic experience, we revel in the pleasure of our work of art experience, it is that we fully commit, at this time, our capacity of contemplation. This makes it possible to arouse and transmit an emotional footprint that participates in raising the emotional intelligence of each one of us. This impregnation is contagious, it is a form of emotional inheritance that inspires, which nourishes the creative power of every witness of this beauty. This impregnation will help to update and refresh our imagination ability . This force of imagination will build a collective context conducive to creativity. Creativity is a fundamental resource for solving problems related to the improvement of our immediate environment, to evolution and to development in general… The creative work of the artists is therefore priceless, yet they face a permanent financial challenge, we think it is our duty to guarantee them an honorable income because we hold the value of their work in high esteem. Monmecene is ultimately a tool that gives value to creativity, that promotes and develops the culture of beauty. It is a renaissance incubator. It is a catalyst for human development. By supporting the original and independent creation we participate in a revamping of the methods of development of our societies, giving priority to a source of inspiration that has proven itself in the course of history: Beauty.

          Who is Monmecene for?

          to the creators! We are an interface between individuals, corporate  or private foundations and creators of artistic, original cultural, musical, literary, creative content, or any form of artistic project bringing cultural value and contributing to the general interest. But on the condition that it carries a positive emotional charge that embodies beauty. Our criteria for selecting projects is based mainly on a canon of creativity.

          What is our Business Model?

          We have chosen to mutualize and use an installment plan like participation of the patrons in order to allow more individuals and companies to participate. We propose to the individual patrons to pay a monthly amount of their choice in favor of the artist or artists they wish to see emerge. Of course we leave the freedom to the patrons to continue or to interrupt their monthly payments. There is no commitment, participation is voluntary. We take a low fee of 7% on the amount of donations, plus VAT (ex : 1.2% for France) and bank fees levied by our partner stripe (1.4% up to 7.5% for micro-payments). The creator thus still retains about 90% of his income and only reverses on average 10% of total commission, which contrasts with the current conventional situation where creators are obliged to pay commissions that can reach 70% of their Income, with clear goals of performance that can rein in their creativity and passion.

          What are our long-term goals?

          Our ambition is to the extent of our convictions on the development and the creative power of beauty. We will gradually spread this model on a global scale by selecting with local actors the best of each culture to promote it and amplify this emotional heritage of beauty.

          ``Creativity is contagious, spread it!``

          Albert Einstein







                  How does it work?

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                    My creator account

                    Click on the button “create my Page” or on the menu “account > Create my page”, submit your project, filling out our form, we will reply you at the latest within one week. We are interested in your art, share as much informations as possible about it! The most important thing is to explain your work to your patrons and conquer their hearts.

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                    If your creator account is approved by our team, you will receive a confirmation email. Then go to Dashboard > store settings > billing. Click “Edit”, choose “Stripe Connect” and click “Save Options”. Refresh the page, then click on “Connect with stripe”, then fill in the form and connect your account by clicking on “Authorize access to this account“. This will allow us to transfer your money monthly into your account.

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                    Share the link of your Monmecene page on social networks, with your loved ones and your entourage… You must conquer the hearts of your patrons so that they will support you voluntarily. It is important to start convincing your close entourage first, do not hesitate to ask them to support you. We will then help you develop your financial support by using a “booster” that will be able to raise funds for your project for.

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                    Contact your patrons, interact with them, always answer their comments. Maintain your image and your seriousness by offering them always more quality and creativity.

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                    Share the concept

                    Congratulation, your passion is now your profession, you can only produce the best. When your project becomes popular, become the fundraiser of other creators and increase in your income, raise funds to help them and take a fee for that or support them in your turn!

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